Kashmiri Art
Central Asian Jewels

Travelling, I got to know the rich tradition of Kashmiri Art. I presented Kashmiri Art in conferences and interviews in Germany. The Art of Textiles, especially one huge shawl, a map of Srinagar, hand-stitched from 1809-1846, and the beautiful nature surrounding Dal Lake are simply unique. In 2012/2013 I had composed an opera „Habba Khatoon“, a famous singer and poet in the 16th century.

Signature of the famous „Amli“ Schals, by Ghulam Ahmad Kaloo (1819 – 1856), Sri Pratap Singh Museum, Srinagar, Kashmir  Sri Pratap Singh Museum, Srinagar, Kashmir, the famous „Amli“ Shawl with the map of Srinagar, hand stitched by Ghulam Ahmad Kaloo (1819 - 1856) Kashmiri Wedding in Srinagar Poetic Mood on Dal Lake Shikara Boat on Dal Lake