Composer and Galerist:
Susanne Zargar Swiridoff

Susanne Zargar Swiridoff studied composition, English and American Literature and Linguistics in Stuttgart and Munich, she stayed abroad to continue her studies in England, Canada, USA and Argentina. She started to teach at Stuttgart University of Music in 1979 and specialized in Contemporary and Non-European Music. As a guest lecturer she travelled to Madrid, Vienna and Vilnius.

For her works – more than 90 works for opera, orchestra, concertos, chamber music, vocal music - she received numerous national and international prizes and received many commissions. In 1987/1988 she went to Rome being awarded the prestigious scholarship of the German Academy Villa Massimo in Italy.

Since 2002 Susanna is also active as a gallerist organizing exhibitions and opening vernissages. In 2009 she wrote and designed her composition „Tsubaki“ for Violoncello Solo as an Art-Book for the James-Joyce-Unique-Book-Collection in Zürich.

Many television programs sent portrait features such as ZDF, SAT 3, NDR, SWF, RAI.